IPhone 6 – To Buy Or Not?

IPhone is definitely a cool phone, as it is simply the latest product from Apple that has come up with more and more features and improvements compared to its predecessors. However, the question remains open, should you actually buy one now, or should you wait for some better upcoming models.

Perhaps, if you desperately need a new smartphone, you could just buy the iPhone 6 and I’m sure you will be pretty much satisfied it. Otherwise it would also be wise to wait just a little more. Why? Because first of all, it costs like hell… Every year the gadgets from Apple are only increasing in price. If this tendency will remain for long, soon only the chief executives will be able to afford it. Seriously… and if you are getting scary of its prices in the US you should see how much they sell it for in the Asian countries. You will be surprised, not in a positive way.

Then again, although the specs of new iPhone 6 are cool, they still aren’t perfect. Besides, as usual the newest models are full of bugs, so if I were you, I would better wait when iPhone 6s comes out, unless you love to have the buggy phone while paying the premium price. Maybe this premium price is being paid just for a possibility to do some “beta testing”? Well if so, the price is definitely isn’t going anywhere near being acceptable.

Let’s see some of the iPhone 6 features. Most of the specs are pretty much similar to iPhone 5s, and if not the difference in size, there would be almost nothing to discuss. What did disappoint us, when we got our hands on iPhone 6 is the battery hasn’t been improved much. You know that when the screen increases, it takes more power to illuminate the backlight as well as more to actually display different colors, so the bigger the size – the bigger should be the battery. Good phones like Z2 or G3 have a perfect 3,000 mAh, which would allow it last for a full day with some heavy load. The iPhone 6, while being the same size uses only 1,800 mAh batter – and that’s really a shame.

A good thing to note about the new iPhone is a good network connectivity and support of the latest 4G standards. If you like downloading lots of stuff, this phone might be useful, but as a general rule I would stay away from Apple if possible.