IPhone 5s: An Independent Review

The IPhone 5s has been definitely one of the greatest cellphones ever released that could only compete with G3 for the title of the best cellphone of 2013. What are the advantages of this coolest phone, and what aspects could actually have been improved?

Among the coolest features of the new iPhone 5s is that is actually supports all the latest 4G network standards. Whenever you get nearby malls or large establishments, you could enjoy an ultrafast internet with the speed bursting up to 100 Mbps. When I first held this phone in my hand, I was really amazed by the speed it loaded the videos and downloaded files. I could also get installed my favorite apps in a matter seconds, and this is only because of the top notch 4G support that this phone provides.

Its difference from predecessors is that it also uses Nano-SIM, and the owners of Micros-SIMS would have to look for replacement. This radical switch has been made in order to further reduce the SIM size, so the phone could become even more compact. In reality the SIMs have only a very tiny chip, which is made far larger than it could be before just for the sake of ease of handling. Believe me, they could easily make SIMs as small as 1 by 1 mm, but I doubt you could make any use of them then.

Of course the size of the phone should also be noted, as it is still one of the smallest smartphones in the market as of the year of release. There is not much to comment on this though, because it has long been manufactured in this body size, and it’s completely the same as iPhone 5 without the “s”.

The display is kind of average, compared to the similar 2013 phone models. The pixel density is not impressive, as it only approaches the HD format, while G3 is already qHD. There aren’t just two different resolutions but the qHD is like 4 times more detailed compare to HD. In the meanwhile the Full HD definition, which is most commonly used in modern TVs remains an in-between standard.

Finally, the coolest feature that is available only in iPhone 5s is the fingerprint recognition.