Fixing Overheating Problems With Laptops

Laptops, especially the more powerful models all tend to overheat at some point and so fixing this overheating problem could prolong its life in times and save you from unnecessary upgrade or costly repair procedure (if you take it to a repair shop). Also, whatever happens I don’t advise you taking it into repair shop, because they could easily rob you out and replace your parts with their cheaper counterparts, or even declare the working parts as broken, reselling them to other customers and wise versa. Maybe in Long Island, the laptop repair isn’t like that, but if you take it into a Chinese shop, you could be assured that when you take your laptop out it will turn into a piece of garbage and or assure to pay about the amount of its retail price just for repair, because they will find a lot of problems in addition to the actual cause.

If you have been convinced to repair your laptop by yourself, especially if it’s a simple overheating problem then you should get yourself prepared and grab some tools. The things you will need are as follows:

  1. The typical screwdriver which works 99% of the time is a simple crosshead one. Make sure it’s relatively small, or you may actually damage the plastic of laptop body or the screws themselves.
  2. Thermal Paste. Since the laptop is overheating, resetting the heatsink requires an application of new thermal paste. This is actually not at all a disadvantage, but a very good opportunity to apply a better paste, since most of the preinstalled pastes suck. Among the best thermal pastes are the following brands: MX4, Gelid Solutions GC Extreme, Cooler Master Extreme Fusion X1, and Prolimatech PK-3 and PK-2, which are a bit less common. If you could get the Coolaboratory Liquid Pro or Liquid Ultra, it could also worth the hustle, as it actually provides the best temps, though may turn out a bit messy. Finally, among some unusual solutions you may want to consider thermal interface from EKWB, which are the Indigo Xtreme and even better new variation – Indigo XS. All of them will work perfect.
  3. A compressed air can. This is very useful as you will want to clean the clogged laptop radiators from dust. Laptops really act like dust magnets these days…